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Who we are

We are a web development / IT Consulting agency based in Honduras, formed through the love of building amazing websites, experiences and also helping companies to increase their development staff with top notch talent that has the capability and flexibility to adapt to your development needs.

We love working with all kind of clients, whether they are in startup stage or stablished corporations looking to grow their development team, a good challenge that can push us and your business forward is always welcome at Fluky Factory.

Adolfo G.


Our Development Process

Step 1
Tell us your needs
Let us get to know you and your brand and most important: what's your goal with the project
Step 2
Research and Analysis
At this stage we gather as much information as possible for the project
Step 3
We meet with the team and with the information collected we develop a plan that serve as foundation for the entire project
Step 4
Because your brand image is important to us we don't rest until getting every pixel perfect
Step 5
Development becomes our everyday task. Getting everything ready with modern tools and practices to ensure your project is as responsive and accessible in many devices as possible.
Step 6
Testing and Deployment
Let our quality team put our work to the test and ensure your project hits the right mark in standards and quality
Step 7
Post-deployment and maintenance
We are not perfect, we know! There is always room for improvement so, let us take care of your project and continue to grow together

Helping your business grow by providing world class consulting professionals

We can help you expand your team through world class professionals bringing their expertise to the table so you can focus on making the big decisions that will take your company to the next level. We take care of the recruiting process ensuring every people on your account meets the highest standards so they can deliver and meet your goals.

IT consulting & outsourcing

The decision is up to you! Whether you decide to increase your working force or to completely outsource your project we are able to provide you with the best IT professionals using modern agile development methodologies to bring the best results.

Agile Development

Scrum, scrum, scrum! Ever since with got to try it we fell in love a little bit more every day! It is important to us that all our candidates ready to work in your account are familiar with at least one methodology so they can get things efficiently and accomplish goals through out the development process.

You ask, we adapt

Do you have a Tech Stack already? Are you looking to build your application from the ground up? Or just looking to maintain an already fully develop platform? Either way, our candidates are able to adapt to a wide range of technologies that goes from backend languages like Java, NodeJS, ColdFusion and Python all the way to the latest trends in frontend development like React or Vue and enterprise solutions like Oracle.

Cost effective

Our location allow us to present our clients with cost-effective but talented professionals that can compete head to head in the global market. Honduras is rapidly becoming a growing pool of talented candidates eager to take on complex challenges and compete building world-class solutions that can add value to our costumers bussines.

Our Recruitment Process

Step 1
HHRR interview
Our team gets in contact to have a first chat about the job
Step 2
Online Assessment
So we can have a better understanding of his/her skills. An entry level test to have a better grasp of his/her capabilities.
Step 3
Pair Programing
To put him/her under production issues cases so we can have a look into their problem solving capabilities as well as their ability to work under pressure.
Step 5
Client Evaluation
So you as the client can have the opportunity to meet and form an opinion of the candidate and to be assured that is the right person for the job.
Step 5
Follow Up
To make sure that our candidate as well as our clients gets the best of each other to start the project on the right foot

Our Founders

Get to know the pople who have made this company awesome

Adolfo G.
Co-founder / Senior Web Developer
Douglas B.
Co-founder / Site Reliability Engineer
Lester B.
Co-founder / Software Architect

Our Clients

These are some of the clients who have trusted us over the years, so we helped them grow their brand through hard and dedicated work that adds value to their business and in the end to our own